Beach Baptisms

Beach Baptisms



We at St. Mark’s, are so blessed to live in the Low Country and to have our beautiful building located on the Isle of Palms, because the waters that surround us daily are a constant reminder to us of the waters of our baptism.  

St. Mark’s is able to offer Beach side Baptism services, thanks to our beautiful location.


We believe that in the sacrament, or washing, of baptism we are reborn as children of God and brothers and sisters to each other through the washing of the waters and the reconciliation and forgiveness poured out for us through the death and resurrection of Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit.


We baptize infants, children and adults, believing that just as children do not choose their parents, it is God who chooses to love and cherish us, not the other way around.  Baptism is a free gift of God’s grace and we, as parents and sponsors of the newly baptized, promise to nurture and support them in that baptismal identity, just as the waters all around us remind us of our own baptism into the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ every day.


We encourage children and adults to be baptized as a part of our congregational worship so that we can receive them into our church family either at our baptismal font or, following a procession to the near-by beach, with a baptism in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

One of our members getting baptized in the Atlantic Ocean. What a special day!